Here's To New Beginnings {Oklahoma Boudoir Photography}

Greetings all! Well, it has taken me a bit to finally put this in words and send it into the here it goes. After much thought I have decided to move out of my wonderful space that has been my magical boudoir home for almost 4 years. It was so hard to finally put in the notice to terminate my lease. That space means a lot and has really helped define my style. In that space I have created some of my best work to date, met so many amazing clients I consider friends, collaborated with the most talented models and won some international awards. And it is my little piece of zen. But, like any artist, I have to stretch my wings and chase new ideas. And that little space is just not enough to hold all of the creativity I want to pursue. So where will I end up? Right back where I first started...a studio in my private residence. In my home the scenarios and looks are unlimited, more luxurious, floor to ceiling windows and plans for a dedicated outdoor space with a clawfoot tub. It is something I have been dreaming of for years. And the light....oh the light. It is the exact reason I bought my home in the first place. I will share more details on the new space as it develops. But for now I will be shooting sessions in the current studio until December 31st. And as a huge thank you to all of my past clients, fans, supporters and VIP's....I will be offering a very special package session until the end of the year. Make sure you sign up for the newsletter to receive the offer. 



Oklahoma Boudoir Photography